A British cafe northeast of London is doing all it can to reduce the use of plastic and disposable cups, at least in its own premises. La Tour Cycle Cafe located in Ipswich England is asking its customers to bring their own ceramic mugs from home or use one of many mugs donated to the shop by its patrons.

The ceramic mugs in which beverages are served in the cafe are all donated and patrons who wish to drink a hot cup of coffee can use one of the mugs to drink at the premises or to take it on the go. They are encouraged to return the mugs at a later date. Customers can also bring their own cups from home for a hot cup of coffee. “We’ve all got mugs languishing in our cupboards that we no longer need, so why not donate them to your local coffee shop, and allow people to actually have a hot drink in a china cup while they walk around?” said employee Anna Matthews to the BBC.

This initiative is one that is borne out of a need to reduce the amount of waste that is present in landfills and to drastically cut the amount of plastic usage. Coffee shops are known to be huge culprits in the use of disposable plastic cups with nearly 2.5 billion paper cups thrown away in the UK alone. The MPs has encouraged the government to charge 25p per cup in an effort to reduce the use of non-recyclable coffee cups.

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