Did you know that you don’t want a perfect life? All you want is a happy life. Do you agree with me? You are the only one who can create your own happiness, nobody can. Happiness is your personal decision that should not be based on what others think of you. That’s not your business, anyway.  Just be yourself and pursue things that add to your pleasure. I’ve got some incredible rules for happy living. I’m sure you’ll love this.

Love Yourself Just The Way You Are

Self-love is one of the strongest keys that unlocks happiness in your life. Do not compare yourself to others. You are wonderful and unique just the way you are. Apart from concentrating with the negative things in your life, now start focusing on the little things you love about yourself. Remember, nobody is perfect. We all have our fair package of strengths and weakness.

Be Happy

If you are not happy with your body-weight, shape and skin complexion or there’s that thing that makes you feel ugly, not loved or you have a disability challenge, love yourself. It will help you to positively work on issues that are within your control.

Take Time To Learn Yourself

Self-realization or self-awareness is a very important thing for you. Take time to learn and understand who you are.  Be patient with yourself. This will help you know your real identity. After knowing this, don’t fight within yourself. Appreciate yourself right the way you are. Be your best and focus on making yourself better every day. Note this; you are a work-in-progress. You are in the making of becoming a better you. So, stop beating yourself up!

Forget About Your Past

There is always something about your past that fights to interfere with your present and your future. Your past does not have power over your present but it can take charge if you allow it. No matter how ugly your past was, that was then. Forget about it. Own up your mistakes. Admit where you acted wrong, but that was then. Disconnect yourself with your dark past and purpose to start a new life. Do not stumble over something that is already behind you. Now, start walking in the newness of things and you’ll start enjoying every bit of your life. Remember to pick the lessons learnt from your past, they will help you become better in future.

Take Charge Of Your Body

Your health matters a lot to your world. You’ll always enjoy life when you are living in perfect health, so take care of your body. Take control of your thoughts since your mind and body connects. Physical fitness helps you stay strong and active. Commit yourself to a healthy lifestyle. Always eat healthy food, take 8 glasses of water every day. Avoid too much alcohol since excessive intake of alcohol affects your life. Engage yourself into a routine exercise program. Take enough sleep and rest. This will make you stay young for long and you live a happy life.

Connect With People

Since you are not living in your own island, you need people.  Establish strong relationship with family and relatives. Always seek to strengthen your relationships and build connections. Identify some few people who matters a lot in your life and make them your friends. Be committed to become part of their life too. Share in their joys and stand with them during grief moments. You can enjoy hanging around with them, visiting them, calling them or even sending greetings and occasional cards to your friends. The same will be done to you and your life becomes a haven of joy. You become happier, healthier and live many days.

Be Happy

Be Flexible

Life is a matter of ups and downs. Things don’t always work our way. At times we feel favored and other times we feel frustrated and we end up being disappointed. It is good for one to be flexible. Learn how to adjust when things don’t work as expected. Learn to be contented with the little good things that find you along your path to your destiny. During hard economic times, adjust your living standards to fit your budget. Always live your life. Do what you can afford to do and so as to avoid strain in life.

Strain brings along pressure in our lives and we end up being stressed and later depression matches in. Some diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes finds way in us and we end up living miserable lives. So adjust yourself to fit in the current situation having faith that things will change for better in due time.

Find Inspiration

What is it that inspires you? Learn to do some simple things that brings inspiration to you. You can listen to episodes or cool music whenever you feel stressed and weary. Make it your habit in life to get something that motivates you during your low moments.

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