Air and water pollution, soil pollution that transfers to our food and then affects our nutrition, poor sleeping habits, daily exposure to stress – all of these and many other factors have a profound impact on our skin’s health. And that is not restricted to its superficial appearance alone, but even more importantly, it’s natural protective abilities and its long-term health are equally affected.

Whether you already have a healthy skincare routine that you religiously follow every day, or you’re looking for practical ways to purify your complexion from these negative influences, there are several effective solutions to safeguard your youthful radiance and skin health for years to come.

Work up a sweat with Bikram yoga


In all fairness, any yoga practice is beneficial for your well-being, including your skin health, by simply relieving you of pent-up negativity, boosting your circulation, and helping your body become stronger and more flexible. But this is where Bikram yoga takes detox to a whole new level – by introducing a sauna-like effect of heat, it allows your body to cleanse itself even further.

Typical room temperature for Bikram yoga is 40°C, and the toasty, sweat-inducing environment is perfect for purifying your skin. With a limited number of controlled positions, 26 to be more precise, you will mostly focus on alignment and breathing, while your skin has the chance to flush out the buildup of toxins through its now wide-open pores.

Freeze your troubles away


In recent years, ladies all over the world have fallen in love with the practice of rejuvenating with the help of cryotherapy. In essence, exposing your body to extremely low temperatures (now we’re in the range of -110°C) for 2-3 minutes at a time, mitigates various problems in the body, including those we’d consider skin-deep, but we know are caused by complex physiological functions.

The cold air not only boosts collagen production and reduces blemishes, skin irritations, and reduces cellulite, but it also has a deep anti-inflammatory effect on your whole body. As a result, the process helps remove toxins and improve your immunity, all of which contributes to your skin health.

More than skin-deep beauty


In addition to these seemingly extreme steps, your everyday routine needs to be based on the right natural ingredients that will enhance your skin’s ability to cleanse and get rid of toxins on a regular basis. Start your day with a thorough wash, cleanse and tone, but also add an occasional deep cleansing facial, such as a detoxifying mask with manuka honey and active charcoal.

Short-term, your skin will be hydrated and silky, but the long-term perks of regular use of such facial masks will be a consistent removal of toxins and pore-clogging irritants. Look for a antioxidant-rich cream and a gentle hyaluronic acid serum that you can rely on throughout the day after such a deep cleanse, but always try to stick to a reliable skincare routine that keeps your health under control and brings out your natural beauty.

Exfoliate for deep impact


Another segment of your skincare routine that can either help or worsen your skin health is your mighty exfoliator. Those who use harsh products know all too well that prolonged usage can, in fact, compromise the natural oily barrier of the skin and cause more harm than good, especially if you suffer from eczema or a similar sensitivity issue. But once again, if you turn to Mother Nature, you can reap the rewards of your weekly scrub without causing any damage.

The best way to detox through exfoliation is with the help of essential oils – their antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties make them a powerful beauty tool in your arsenal. For instance, grapefruit essential oil is perfect when combined with a cup of sugar and grapeseed oil. The high content of antioxidants in grapefruit is essential in detoxing your skin, and mixing it with a mild exfoliator such as sugar can serve as a home-made solution for an occasional detox.

Hydrate inside and out


More often than not, when we think of a detox, we desire a fast-acting solution that can nullify the poor choices we’ve made in terms of our diet and overall health. However, the simplest solution often serves as the best one, but it requires consistency and dedication. In order for your detoxing efforts in the form of facials, steams or cryotherapy to take effect, you need to provide your body with ample hydration both inside and out.

Don’t just rely on your handy moisturizers and lotions, but make sure that you drink plenty of water every day, and that alone will serve as your natural detoxing system. Start your mornings with warm lemon water, and continue hydrating throughout the day, and your skin will be able to slowly restore its natural radiance.


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