The worst about losing weight is having to cut things that you enjoy out your diet. However, in reality, it’s not about removing things from your diet, it’s about learning how to fit them in whilst still accomplishing your goals. At the end of the day, as long as you’re in a caloric deficit, you’ll still lose weight, which means that you can have everything you love, including alcohol, whilst still watching the scale fall.

When it comes to drinking, there are a few tips and tricks you can implement to make sure that you continue losing fat whilst having a glass of wine from time to time.

Drink Less

The first tip is the most obvious, but simply drinking less might be all it takes for you. If you’re currently having two glasses of wine a night, then try cutting down to one glass, and then one glass every other day. If you find yourself binge drinking every Friday and Saturday, then maybe try spanning the drinks you’d have on one night over two days or cutting down to just one day altogether.


Pick the Right Drinks

Each drink contains a different amount of calories, so switching either the alcohol or the mixer can make a big difference. Here’s a helpful reference guide for each drink and their caloric level:

1 Pint of Beer = 197 calories

1 Glass (120ml) White Wine = 77 Calories

1 Glass (120ml) Rose Wine = 83 calories

1 Glass (120ml) Red Wine = 85 calories

Jack Daniels and Diet Coke = 78 calories

Vodka and Diet Coke = 72 calories

As you can see, one shot of spirit mixed with a diet drink tends to carry the lowest amount of calories. Wine might seem like it has a small number of calories, but most people don’t have just 120ml which means that the average glass has around twice what’s listed above.

Don’t Succumb to Drunk Cravings

Alcohol itself isn’t what directly causes fat gain as it can’t be stored by the body. Instead what happens is that the body prioritizes alcohol as an energy source which means that more calories from the food that you eat are sent to your fat stores.


We all know that after a drink or three junk food becomes a lot more appealing, but this is also where you can rack up the most damage to your diet. If you know you’re partial to some unhealthy eating after a few drinks, then prepare some food in advance as a go to and make sure that your kitchen is completely void of problem foods.

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