Sleep is something we all know we need more of, but still never seem to get enough of. Thanks to our hectic schedules and passion for binge-watching TV shows, most of us average under 7 hours of sleep each night despite the recommended amount being at least 8 hours.

Thankfully, there are ways you can better prepare yourself for a night of slumber so that you can wake up happy, refreshed, and excited for the day ahead.

Turn Off Screens an Hour Before Bed

Laptop, phone and tablet screens emit a blue light which signals to our brain that it’s time to stay awake. So, if you spend the evening and nighttime staring your phone or watching TV, your brain is continuously being told that it needs to stay awake. Turning off these devices an hour or so before bed helps to relax and calm your mind. If you can’t do that, then putting an orange filter on your devices is the next best thing. You can even invest in some orange tinted glasses which will have the same effect.


Write a Journal

A lot of the time the reason that we have trouble falling to sleep is because our brain is a mess of thoughts and ideas. A journal allows for you to get these thoughts out into the open, almost like a therapist or a friend. When they’re out onto paper, it gives you a sense of relief and allows your brain to let them go, stopping them from swirling around and making you feel calmer. If you’re having trouble switching off before bedtime, then try just jotting all of your thoughts and ideas down onto paper. You don’t need to show anyone nor even tell anyone, but just getting them out there into the world will make you feel much, much better.

Stop Drinking Caffeine Past 4 pm

Caffeine stays in our system for up to 6 hours after we’ve consumed it. That means that the little 5 pm pick-me-up will keep your brain ticking until up to 11 pm. Though, many of us will keep consuming caffeine way beyond 5 pm and up into the night time through sodas and energy drinks. Cutting down on your caffeine consumption will not only allow you to sleep better, but it will also mean that you rely on caffeine less to wake you up.


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