Pumping iron for that Mr. Fitness competition or doing HIIT for that next marathon session sounds all well and good but do they have any practical benefits for our day to day lives? How much you bench press doesn’t really come into the picture when you are trying to pick up something from the floor. There is more to fitness than how much “gains” you get or how much faster you can run. That’s where Functional Fitness comes in with all the squats and core exercises you can muster.

What is it?

What is functional fitness you ask? Well, functional fitness mainly resorts to working you out in a way that everyday activities seem to go as pleasantly as possible. It is a type of exercise that mimics your actions that you might perform on a day to day basis, like picking something off the floor or carrying a heavy box. Functional Fitness focuses on balance, strength, and cardio and engages multiple muscle groups. It mainly uses your body weight as a starting point and works your core to the fullest, giving you great posture and flexibility.

Functional Fitness

Benefits of Functional Fitness

1. As we said earlier, Functional Fitness helps improve your quality of life by working your muscles in a way that it mimics everyday activities. It targets the movements that your body makes and helps your body get accustomed to them making it easier for you.

2. The main goal of Functional Fitness is to offer you the flexibility needed to make activities easier to do. It boosts your body’s functional strength which leads to an increase in coordination and flexibility.

3. Functional Fitness is the perfect combination of personal training and physical therapy as it is developed to target weak areas in your body and boost it in a way to restore normal function. So if you are someone who suffers from chronic joint pain, Functional Fitness can help you alleviate some pain.

4. By mirroring everyday movements, Functional Fitness helps your body cope with daily stress and helps reduce the risk of any injury. Proper functional training not only strengthens the muscles but it also works on the ligaments surrounding it.

Functional Fitness Exercises

1. Burpees

2. Squats

3. Planks

4. McKenzie

5. Lunges

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