The insights presented here are from a research study on Functional Fitness Equipment Market by Fact.MR.

The fitness industry is both revolutionary and dynamic, it continues to transform and expand on the basis of the requirement to seek more ways of attracting & keeping people pinned to healthy lifestyles. While the historic growth of the industry has been underpinned by the inception & evolution of several trends, one has been witness to gain continuous momentum in recent years – “Functional Training”. This has further created and driven demand for the functional fitness equipment.

A paradigm shift is being witnessed currently in the functional fitness equipment market, as the big box health clubs and low-cost, high-volume chains are clearing out large footprint, traditional machines. Albeit investments remain a concern, the benefits of functional fitness equipment outweigh the cost of “out-with-the-old-in-with-the-new” concept, while the health club industry shifts its focus toward creating “functional training spaces.” This will significantly spur the growth of the functional fitness equipment market in the near future.

Among the different types of functional fitness equipment, the kettlebells and dumbbells and rowing machines are staples. Besides, traditional designs of sledgehammers, weighted bags, and battle ropes are being updated with must-have features apropos of health club functional fitness training zones. Bars and plates, trailed by kettlebells and dumbbells, are the most popular segments in the functional fitness equipment market. Rowing machines are also seeing a rise in popularity since it combines cardiovascular elements and muscle building resistance.

The functional fitness equipment market has seen maximum growth in North America, underpinned by growing instances of chronic metabolic disorders, including diabetes and heart diseases, which are directly associated with obesity. The surging awareness of the health benefits of functional fitness, coupled with the increased spending capacity of the people in the region has provided a solid boost to the functional fitness equipment market in North America.

The US mainly drives sales of functional fitness equipment in North America because of the numerous functional fitness championships being conducted by non-profit organizations. Europe trails North America in the functional fitness equipment market with respect to revenue. However, its market’s growth rate is higher than that of North America. This is mainly on account of the rising tribe of fitness enthusiasts in the region who have the means to spend on latest trends. This is majorly fueling sales of functional fitness equipment in Europe. Apart from that, the proliferation of fitness clubs keen on roping in the millennials is also providing a major boost to the functional fitness equipment market. Majority of Europe’s functional fitness equipment market remains concentrated in the U.K. and Germany, according to the study.

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