Cycling is one of the more enjoyable ways to lose those pesky pounds. It provides a combination of exercise and exploration of unwinding roads that get you outside and one with nature. There is nothing better than an early morning bike ride where everything is calm and you enjoy the cool breeze.

Not only is cycling good for exploration, there are several health benefits associated when you hit the pedal. A few include…

Cycling is Low Impact

Running is weight bearing and it puts pressure on your joints while cycling, by contrast, is low impact and goes easy on the joints of your knees and ankles. Injury rates are also significantly higher when comparing running and cycling. Research has found that runners suffered 133-144 percent more muscle damage as compared to cyclists. Cycling also plays a considerable role in working your thighs and lower legs thus preventing and reducing symptoms of arthritis.

Cycling helps in Weight Loss


As with any other exercise, cycling also helps a considerable amount in reducing weight. Cycling is said to burn between 400 to 1000 calories an hour, depending on the intensity of the circuit and the rider’s weight. As they say, calories burned should exceed the number of calories you are consuming to lose weight and cycling provides a relatively easy way to burn those pesky calories. Cycling also helps in working out your thighs and buttocks which aids in maintaining a lean body structure.

Cycling reduces Heart Disease and Cancer Risk

Cycling reduces the risk of heart disease by increasing your heart rate and getting your blood pumping, which leads to weight loss. A study was conducted last year by the University of Glasgow where researchers studied the effect of cycling on 260,000 individuals over a period of five years. It concluded that cycling can cut the risk of heart disease or cancer almost in half.

Cycling helps in Stress Management


Cycling is said to be a “releasing” exercise and such exercises play a significant role in alleviating physiological and psychological problems such as stress and tension. Experts say that cycling helps reduce stress by releasing endorphins while you are riding and combined with nature riding, it provides a twofer for the price of one exercise!

Cycling boosts Brain Power

Exercise is said to help improve cognitive functions and cycling is one of the more effective ways to help you boost your brain power. A 2013 study found that blood flow in the brain rose by 28 percent and up to 70 percent in some areas of riders who participated in cycling. Of course, increasing blood flow to your brain is a surefire way to help improve cognitive ability.



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