Summer is the perfect time to relax. Lounging around, planning our next trip, and spending as much time as we possibly can just doing nothing. This is definitely not the time when we feel productive or inspired. However, time waits for no man and we should do our best to find motivation and use summer as well as we use the rest of the year. The best way to enjoy our time and still find motivation is to watch motivating movies. That way you are still enjoying your time and being entertained but you are also preparing for action. There are so many good and motivating movies that mentioning all of them would be impossible, so here is a list of movies that I find most motivating and I think you will too.

12 Angry Men (1957)


This classic, filmed in 1957, is a courtroom drama showing the American judicial system and the determination of one man. Twelve jurors are chosen to give a verdict in a murder case. What starts as a straightforward case turns into a battle of the will as we see these twelve angry men trying to come up with a verdict. Henry Fonda’s character is opposed to the rest of the jury, being the only one to vote “not guilty”. Throughout the movie, we see him explaining his vote and reasoning with the rest of the jury. It is a movie showing the power of dialog and standing your ground when you believe in something.

Into The Wild (2007)


Christopher McCandless is a good student, recent graduate, and a talented athlete who chooses a different path despite the world around him. We see the protagonist abandoning his earthly possessions and hitchhiking to Alaska to live in the wilderness. Although it might seem crazy to do what he is doing, as we watch his journey, we get to know Christopher better and start understanding his decision. He is a young man who is unlike his family and friends and who is not afraid of being himself. We see him set off into the wild and live his life the way he believes he should be living it, and what can be more motivating than embracing your true self?

Happy-Go-Lucky (2008)


This is a story about Poppy, a North London schoolteacher going through some rough patches in life. Through everything she experiences, Poppy remains optimistic to a point that she can become irritating to those around her. But that doesn’t affect Poppy and her approach to life. She remains positive and keeps trying. She is honest, funny, and talkative. Sometimes it may seem like her behavior is putting her in awkward or even dangerous situations, but she perseveres through it all. This is a story about facing life and never giving up. It will make you laugh and think about your own approach to life and it is bound to motivate you to take a different look at some things and find the strength to keep trying even when it seems impossible.

Limitless (2011)


Limitless is a movie about a struggling writer who takes a mysterious pill called NZT-48 that allows him to access all of his brain abilities. We see him evolve into his best self and use all of his potentials to become a success in the world of finance. On the surface, the movie might seem like just another Hollywood blockbuster that is meant only to entertain, but when you really think about the message of the movie, it is a motivating one. We see a hopeless guy struggling with his career and his personal relationships go to a motivated and focused self-starter working hard to achieve the future he wants. This is what the movie is really about – finding the strength to persevere in the face of hardship and push forward towards our goals.

The Great Beauty (2013)


The protagonist of the movie, Jep Gambardella, has just turned 65 and is starting to take a look at his past and life itself. A successful novelist who has been living the high life is using his sharp wit to examine his life. Looking past the lavish parties, nightclubs, and fleeting relationships, Jep starts becoming aware of the beauty and the absurdity of life. This beautiful movie takes a close look at the meaning of life and people, and by showing the absurdity of it all, it is giving us a push to go on. Accept life the way it is and don’t let anything stop you from enjoying the beauty of it.

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