Many a diet have been followed throughout the course of time; some have failed and many others have succeeded. There are several factors in maintaining that healthy diet and actually following through on your goal to shed those pounds. Although whether a diet fails or not is solely in your hands, a recent study has shown that making sure that you stick to your strict diet regimen could fall on a completely different set of hands.

According to a survey conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Isopure to examine the success of a diet on 2000 Americans, 24 percent of the responses showed that people place the blame of a failed diet on their partner. Dieting with a partner around lead to drinking and eating more than necessary, sharing unhealthy treats and binging on the weekends; disasters when you are trying to stick to a diet.

Tempted To Break

Although nearly 25 percent of responses blamed their partners for veering of their diet, responses also noted their own temptations and outside factors such as holidays, family gatherings and work-related stress as the cause for the failure of their diet. 38 percent of responses blamed their own lack of willpower to resist a delicious treat, while 42 percent reached for that diet-destroying treats to deal with stress. “A diet plan is only good if you can realistically adhere to it, so it’s key to structure the plan around your specific lifestyle and to build permissive indulgent moments into the plan, like a weekly programmed cheat meal on Saturday night when you know you’ll be around friends and family,” said Jonathan Thompson, General Manager of Isopure.

Cheat Meals


What are the people binging on when they break their diet? The number one food item was pizza, according to the responses, while ice cream, chips, and chocolate followed to round out the notorious 4.

Food alone was not the reason for failure to lose weight. According to the survey, 34 percent of the respondents rarely exercised and the lack of sleep as well as failing to hydrate properly contributed to people veering off the path of a healthy lifestyle. “When you dial in the synergistic pillars of nutrition, exercise, sleep, and hydration, great things happen. Think of each as the leg of the table. Remove even one leg and things can get out of balance,” said Thompson.


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